Allow Extra Time for Holiday Travel

Travelling with food can be tricky, but if you pack them right, you will avoid the stress of having anything spill in your car. Below are some tips we’ve compiled at Savage Kia for you to implement with packaged food this holiday season.

Pack foods in containers with tight-fitting lids and be sure to secure containers with seatbelts. Be sure to put food containers in insulted bags or boxes lined with towels to keep them at the right temperature. Also remember that there is going to be more traffic on the roads this time of year and you will need to allow extra time to drive. The roads and weather may be bad so you'll have to allow extra time to drive slower in harsh conditions. You also want to take it easy around corners to avoid having food spill.

We want to wish you a happy holiday season from all of us here at Savage Kia with a reminder to leave yourself plenty of time to get to your next destination.