Get the Scoop on All-Wheel-Drive and Four-Wheel-Drive

In a sense, both four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive components do the same thing. That is they both cause all four wheels on a vehicle to have power to that the overall traction on the driving surface is enhanced. But that is the only thing that is similar.

Four-wheel-drive functions by applying a lower gear ratio and a split differential to the equation. Vehicles that use four-wheel-drive technology are primarily pickup trucks and oversized off-road SUVs. They are mostly used for off-road and rugged terrain activities

All-wheel-drive components are used in sedans, high-performance cars, and crossover vehicles. This technology is designed for use on paved roadways. Power is evenly distributed to all four wheels with an allowance for variance depending upon the condition of the road under the wheel. All-wheel-drive does an excellent job of providing a safe and smooth ride in tough weather conditions such as heavy rain events, ice, and snow.

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