You Have To Change Your Fluids

Fluids are a big part of vehicles. From motorcycles to big rigs, every type of vehicle we can think of has several types of fluid inside of them. Let’s look at a few popular types of fluids you can find anywhere in the world.

Power steering fluid is used in the hydraulic functions of the steering column. In short, keep all debris out of its reservoir – found on the driver’s side of the engine – and keep it filled to the brim at all times. Coolant is found in the radiator, usually near the grill of cars and trucks, and does an effective job of cooling down engines and other internal workings in your vehicles. Freon, however, isn’t required. It charges your air conditioner for higher levels of comfort during warmer months.

If you think that any of your fluids need to be checked bring your vehicle down to our service center and will make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. So your vehicle will continue to perform at peak efficiency.

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