Don’t Let Low Fluid Levels Ruin Your Road Trip

The fluids in your car are as important as the blood coursing through the veins of a human body. Without blood, our hearts would stop beating and vital organ systems would shut down. Cars are not much different. Consider the following essential fluids:

  • Engine Oil - Engine oil lubricates moving parts in the engine, absorbing heat and reducing wear and tear. Regular oil changes greatly extend the life of a vehicle.
  • Coolant - Coolant stops your vehicle from overheating in the summer and ensures that it starts on even the coldest nights. Check your coolant levels at the beginning of each season.
  • Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid helps create hydraulic pressure and provides lubrication for moving parts. It should be checked monthly.
  • Brake Fluid - Replace brake fluid every two years for optimum performance.

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