Avoid Suffering a Tire Blowout

Avoiding an accident must remain a priority of any self-proclaimed "safe driver." Defensive driving tactics and awareness help, but never overlook proper maintenance. Caring for your tires, in particular, could reduce the chances of a dangerous blowout.

A simple visual inspection could reveal damage and wear. Visible signs of aging such as dry rot may become evident upon close examination. Look for damage such as punctures. If you aren't comfortable with performing a visual inspection, bring the car to a professional.

Other methods besides a visual examination are worth performing. Performing a penny test on the tread depth to determine wear helps with figuring out the condition. Industry tools found at a garage can provide a more accurate assessment. If the tires turn out to be too worn to drive, replacing them makes sense.

Don't drive on the streets of Reading with worn out, dangerous tires. Take your car to the mechanics at Savage Kia for a proper inspection and a good deal on new tires.

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