Tire Pressure and Tread are Important to Safety

Many people believe that their vehicle's automated safety systems are responsible for keeping them safe. In reality, however, safety begins with your tires. You need to have proper air pressure along with sufficient tread to make sure that your vehicle will drive properly.

Properly inflated tires are essential. When they are overinflated or underinflated, you risk the chance of a blowout, which can result in you losing control of your vehicle, possibly causing an accident. Sufficient tread provides traction or grip on the road. This is especially important in inclement weather when you can more easily skid and take longer to stop.

You can avoid both types of problems by bringing your vehicle in for regular servicing. Every time you bring your vehicle into Savage Kia for work, we will check tire pressure and tire tread. Don't neglect the service your vehicle needs. Bring it in for work today.



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