When to Know the Right Time to Replace the Brake Pads

It's important that your car brake efficiently at all times, as no one wants to have an accident caused by faulty braking. Replacing the brake pads when they wear down is vital to maintaining the braking system.

Brake pads are located between the brake rotor and the calipers, in order to provide a cushion when the calipers are squeezing the rotors. This prevents the rotors from being damaged while braking. To check for brake pad condition, first look through the wheel spokes and see if the brake pads are at least 1/4 inch thick. If less, then it is time to replace. Also, if the car is making squealing or grinding noises when braking, then it is time to replace.

Getting new brake pads is a relatively inexpensive method for keeping the braking system in tip-top shape. If the brake pads are not replaced when needed, then more severe problems can develop such as needing to replace a worn rotor. If you believe the brake pads are worn, bring your vehicle to Savage Kia at 2725 Centre Avenue for service.

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