How to Tow Another Vehicle Without Incident

The following tips on how to safely tow a vehicle will lessen the chances of a serious issue derailing your efforts on the highway.

  • If you still can't see around your trailer with the mirrors adjusted, add small blind-spot mirrors to the standard mirrors to help increase your field of vision.
  • Don't leave until you have checked all the lights are in working order on the trailer. If the brake lights are not working, you run the risk of another vehicle slamming into your load.
  • Once the vehicle is on the trailer, be sure the weight has been distributed in a way that both sides are close to the same weight. If one side is bearing too much of the weight, the trailer or vehicle could tip on tight turns.

Be sure you bring your vehicle to our service center at Savage Kia so we can insect and ensure it is ready to tow another vehicle.

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