What are Gaskets?

Gaskets provide an important aspect to keeping your vehicle running properly. They may crack and wear out with time or when not properly maintained. Gaskets stop oil from leaking out. They also prevent fumes from seeping out of the exhaust.

Gaskets can be constructed of very thin layers of rubber, copper, or steel. They provide the seal that maintains proper compression between the cylinder heads and the engine, for example. They're also used to secure any gaps between the cylinders and intake manifold. That's what prevents the dangerous exhaust fumes from entering the environment.

There are several possible signs of worn gaskets, such as loss of compression, overheating, or an exhaust leak. If you've noticed any of them, it may be time to have your vehicle serviced. Stop in to Savage Kia in Reading, PA and speak with a knowledgeable member of our service team. We're happy to assist you with any of your car maintenance questions.

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