What Is a Timing Belt?

There are many intricate devices in your car. New technology has introduced devices that show you the way to wherever you wish to go, devices that search for the best entertainment available, and devices that sense danger to yourself, your passengers and others. Interestingly enough, every one of those devices depends on the actions of your timing belt.

The timing belt connects your crankshaft to the camshaft. While the actions of the pistons drive the crankshaft, the camshaft is the part of your car that operates the valves that let air into the combustion chamber and exhaust out of the combustion chamber. Without this intricate coordination between the pistons and the valves, a piston will run into the valve causing the engine to stop.

At Savage Kia in Reading, PA, we check the viability of your timing belt as well as your other belts, during every service.

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