Enhance a Scratched Automobile by Implementing Paint Touch-Up Procedures

Many scratches can decrease a car's curb appeal. However, you can make a scratched car look like new by implemented touch-up procedures to correct the flaws.

A paint touch-up project requires precise results. If you select a paint that's slightly lighter or darker than a factory shade, the different color tones will clash. In order to ensure accurate results, you must get the factory color code, which is typically found in the car owner's manual. Before you can apply this paint, you'll need to prep the application area by getting rid of contaminants. For this job, a 220-grit sand paper can produce great results. If there is a lot of rust around a scratch, you may need to cleanse the housing with water throughout the sanding process. When all of the rust is removed, layer a coat of paint on the housing.

Savage Kia provides great paint options for scratches on automobiles. We proudly serve locals in Reading and surrounding areas.



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