Attention To Detail During Your Test Drive

Take the time to look underneath any car that you want to test drive. Look for any leaks, especially if the car has been sitting in one place for a few days. Savage Kia can also put the car on a lift to look for leaks that you might not be able to detect on your own. You might notice water dripping in the summer when the air is running, but that should be the only type of fluid you see under the car.

Take note of the instrument panel while you're test driving a vehicle in Reading. Pay attention to any lights that are on, such as the battery light or the engine light. You also need to make sure the gauges work as they should.

Listen for any odd noises coming from the vehicle. Shift the transmission into various gears while sitting still to make sure they engage properly. Avoid going around the block for a test drive. Instead, take the car on a stretch of road where you can reach at least 60 mph to determine if there are any issues that might be present.



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