Prepare Your Spare for the Upcoming Driving Season

If you've ever had to change a flat tire, it can be a frustrating experience. With manual hardware and a tiny compact spare tire, you've even had to adjust your driving until you got to the dealership. You might want to consider purchasing a full-sized spare for the upcoming season from Savage Kia.

A "donut" is solely for temporary use and severely restricted speeds. A full-sized spare has to be rotated with the other tires and takes up a little more room; however, you'll have greater freedom and much longer to get to the dealership for a repair or replacement tire.

Either option is perfectly reasonable as long as you have a spare that's in good shape for the upcoming driving season. For more information regarding compact and full-sized spare tires, contact Savage Kia in Reading, and we'll be happy to help you. Safe travels, and we'll see you at your next service appointment.



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