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Compact Spares are Temporary Tires

Today, many automakers save space and weight by using compact spare tires with their late model vehicles. The compact tires take about half the space of a full-sized spare and have a lower weight. Compact spares are excellent for getting the vehicle off the road and to a repair shop or home.

Reading-area drivers use compact spares as a temporary replacement and not as long-term replacements. Compact tires are smaller than full-sized spares, and they have different load capacities than standard tires. When using compact tires, drivers must reduce speeds and drive with extra care.




Save money with Service by Ignoring Common Maintenance Myths

Breaking the 3,000-mile oil change rule instead following your owner’s manual guidelines is not only good for the Earth, but it also is great for your budget as well. A driver no longer has to be worried about going in every other week for a vehicle oil change. Now, they can get an oil changed quarterly and save themselves money to use towards other things such as tires or windshield wipers, which are important for any vehicle.

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Are Your Vehicle's Tires Uneven?

Your vehicle places a tremendous amount of pressure on the tires. Often, the rear tires or the front tires receive the most wear and tear. This causes a very uneven ride that is also very uncomfortable. The fact is that tires are expensive. It is important to take steps to prolong their life and save you money. Tire rotation is a way to prolong the life of your tires. Bring your vehicle to our showroom in Reading, PA for a quick check. Here are signs your tires are uneven:

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Maintaining Brake Quality Nearing Winter

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

  • Hearing a grinding or squealing noise coming from your brakes as you are applying pressure to them.
  • Feeling your vehicle pulling to one side while you're braking.
  • The steering wheel shutters as you apply the brakes.

Brake maintenance is highly important during the winter months when the road conditions are worse than normal. That’s why it is critical, if you notice any of these indicators of worn brakes, to bring your vehicle into our service center in Reading, PA for a brake check.

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