Choosing Touch Up Paint for Your Vehicle

Fixing small scratches and dings is usually a straightforward project, but you need to make sure that you have the right touch up paint. Using the wrong color could make the damage stand out, and removing touch up paint is no easy task. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your touch up paint is identical to your vehicle’s current color.

Even if you have great vision, it is important to realize that matching auto paint by its appearance is nearly impossible. Instead of relying on your eyes, you should take a look…


Steps to Jumpstart a Dead Battery

When you're dealing with a dead battery, yours or someone else's, having the skills to hook the two batteries up properly can get the second car started easily. Having a quality set of jumper cables in your vehicle can help you get out of difficult situations.

After you've made sure that both cars are in a safe location, hook the positive ends of the jumper cables to the positive terminals of the batteries...


Avoid Suffering a Tire Blowout

Avoiding an accident must remain a priority of any self-proclaimed "safe driver." Defensive driving tactics and awareness help, but never overlook proper maintenance. Caring for your tires, in particular, could reduce the chances of a dangerous blowout.

A simple visual inspection could reveal damage and wear. Visible signs of aging such as dry rot may become evident upon close examination. 


Tips on Using a New Roof Rack

Buying a new roof rack means taking the time to plan ahead for its installation. If you want to avoid damage to your vehicle in the future, it is vital for you to pay attention to the system's installation. Keep some of these tips in mind before installing a new roof rack.

All roof racks come with specialty secure locks that prevent your cargo from slipping out during the drive. Make sure that you pay attention to the condition and capabilities of the locks in order to enjoy the most secure usage experience. 


Back To School Service Creates Teachable Moment

Learning to drive is one of the most important rites of passage in life. Along with learning to drive the car, it is also important that the student learns the importance of service as well. Getting a back to school checkup and servicing will be a great time to teach about car maintenance basics.

Scheduling a service appointment should be a part of the yearly back to school checklist. It is also a great time to go over things such as how to change a tire, use the safety equipment, where the spare tire is located, and to familiarize them…


Popular Motor Oil Misconceptions

While even a small child could tell you what motor oil does for a vehicle, there is a good amount of misinformation and myths that are being spread about motor oil. This is likely due to the fact that many people never really learn what makes their car tick. Some people who don't have a ton of experience with cars are also susceptible to misinformation since they have an interest in cars but do not understand them.

A scarily common thought many folks have is that you can oil use approved oil for your vehicle. Nothing could be further…


Here is All You'll Need to Know About a Roadside Emergency Kit

Keeping a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle will reduce the chances you are stuck waiting with your disabled car.

The flashlight in your emergency kit gives you the chance to work on making repairs to your vehicle in the dark. One small first-aid kit will allow you the opportunity to take care of any little injuries while you're waiting for help to arrive.

Tools can help you make repairs that could get a disabled car far enough to reach the nearest service station. Tools in the kit should include a hammer, adjustable wrench, scissors, pliers, a socket set…


Signs Your Vehicle Needs a New Ignition

There are few feelings worse than the one you experience when your car fails to start. There can be a multitude of reasons for that to occur, including a dead battery, an improperly functioning alternator, or possibly a bad starter or ignition. While dead batteries may be the most common cause, it is still beneficial to know the signs of an ignition that is beginning to fail.


How to Tow Another Vehicle Without Incident

The following tips on how to safely tow a vehicle will lessen the chances of a serious issue derailing your efforts on the highway.

  • If you still can't see around your trailer with the mirrors adjusted, add small blind-spot mirrors to the standard mirrors to help increase your field of vision.
  • Don't leave until you have checked all the lights are in working order on the trailer. 

What Is a Timing Belt?

There are many intricate devices in your car. New technology has introduced devices that show you the way to wherever you wish to go, devices that search for the best entertainment available, and devices that sense danger to yourself, your passengers and others. Interestingly enough, every one of those devices depends on the actions of your timing belt.

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